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When I was four years old I started having dreams of being in battle.  I would wake up sweating, feeling scared and full of regret.  I thought how does a four year old have regrets, or even know what regret is.  After eleven years I finely came to the conclusion I was seeing the end of my last life as a soldier in WWII.  After that I had one more dream that ended the scene, then I never had those dreams again until my son went and served in Iraq forty years later.

That experience was a profound gift from God.   I realized that my awareness traveled from one life to another.  That could only mean one thing, that my awareness was just a small part of an all pervading awareness.  I realized that God did exist and that I was just a small part of that great reality.

I resolved to study religion and anything to do with the human experience to come to an understanding of God and his connection to humanity.  To that end I began studying religion when I was fifteen years old.

The following is my conclusion to forty years of study.

Only One Universe Exists.

Not one for Scientists and another for Saints.  Only one reality exists and a true understanding of it will include both science and religion.  A true understanding of existence will cut through all the dogma of religions and explain exactly what the allegories mean and how they relate to physical realities.

A true understanding of the universe will be able to show the allegorical connections between all the religions and science.

When I began studying life I was struck by how religions and the sciences contradicted each other.  I couldn’t believe it.  I wouldn’t believe it.  I came to the conclusion that the only reason religions and science contradicted each other was because I didn’t know enough to see how they fit together.  I resolved to study until I could see the connections.  This is my statement of connections.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the light”.  And Christianity says that one must believe in Jesus and believe that he died on the cross for us to be forgiven of our sins and receive our admission into heaven.

I had to ask myself, “ How does that happen from belief”?  People’s beliefs come and go, they evolve with time and they can be changed by facts.  Belief is also what we do when the thing is not an obvious fact in front of us.  We don’t believe in the Sun and the Earth and our own lives because they are obvious facts.  I wanted to understand God as an obvious fact.

I also wondered, “What about all the people who lived before Jesus?”  Are they just out of luck along with all the people who didn’t get an opportunity to hear the story of Jesus?  Could a loving God condemn Billions of people to an eternity of hell for just not being born in the right time and place?  And what about the rest of the universe?

Are we all that there is?

Couldn’t possibly be true.

I was confirmed in the Lutheran religion and one thing always bothered me about western religions in particular.  The religious snobbery.  The idea that only we know the truth.  That only the believers of Christ are saved.  I always remembered, even at an early age, that everything was God and I felt uncomfortable disregarding other people’s beliefs.

I came to the conclusion that some of the assertions about Jesus were just plain wrong.  That to truly believe in Jesus we have to disregard the fantasies created around him by people who didn’t understand his mission.  To truly believe in Jesus we had to come to a real understanding of his life.

As I studied Hinduism I saw the correlation to Christianity.  They also taught  that every human being has an inner essence that lives after death.   That this soul is literally the stuff of God.

It finely dawned on me that it wasn’t the story of Jesus that was important but the motif that story represented.  Jesus was not the first to represent that motif and he hasn’t been the last.

I realized that the story of Jesus and Christianity’s insistence in believing that story was a political statement, not a religious one.  Christianity, like all institutions has a history that defines it’s character.  But the history and doctrine of Christianity does not limit the truth.  It is a reflection of the particular truth expressed through the life of Jesus.  Yet recorded and worshiped by people who interpreted events in the light of their own knowledge.

Within every religion is a Spiritual component, a Political component and a Cultural component.  The Cultural component is the particular person, culture and time period that the religion was created in.  The Political component is the Countries character and particular assertions that keep it separate from other religions.  And the Spiritual component are the teachings from that master and the universal truths that all religions recognize.

Our salvation does not come from just believing in the physical reality of Jesus’ life, but understanding that the motif he represents applies to all of our lives.  In that way we come to the understanding of our unity with all people.  Believing in Jesus the man keeps us separate from people of other faiths.  And only furthers Christianity as an organization.

Jesus is also claimed to have stated, “What you are, I once was.  And what I am, you shall become.”

Belief is the first step on a long road of spiritual evolution.  But if you don’t travel the road, belief can only do you so much good.

If God is anything He is reality and truth.   Reality is in the here and now and thought happens a moment after as a reflection.  Thought is not reality.  That is why most Eastern religions say that Enlightenment starts with the cessation of thought.

That is why I believe that belief in Christianity is more akin to visualization in Hinduism then the blind belief that most people perceive.  Jesus asked people to believe when it came to his miracles.  Some people were healed then relapsed and he said it was because they lost their faith.  And there was a women who was healed for just touching the hem of his garment and he said it was because her faith was strong.  This all has implications that are much more profound then the word belief or faith can indicate.

I think Christianity missed the mark when they invented the idea of a messiah.  That someone else would guarantee our lives or save us some how.  The idea that someone else is responsible for our lives just doesn’t ring true.  Sounds too much like Socialism.

Jesus can’t save us from our ignorant selves, but he can serve as an example of what we shall evolve into.  For Christians he is an example of perfection beyond being human.  Maybe that is our connection to God.

The Hindu religion has created a whole discipline around the idea of belief in Bhakti Yoga.  The Yoga of devotional adoration.

One of the universal truths of all religions is that God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.  The universal life is everywhere, it is all power, and since energy and matter are inter-changeable God is all matter.  And being Omniscient it is all thought, feeling and emotion.

So if we are here, walking on this planet, and we know that God is everything,  there must be a mechanism that can be understood by the human mind that connects God to humanity.

God the Creator is not separate from creation because there is nothing outside of God to work with.  So the idea of Jesus being the only Son of God is a Political and Cultural statement and does not reflect the Spiritual reality.

I believe that the Prophet Paul, who never met Jesus, created the worship of Jesus to fortify his own doubts.  And the Roman Empire codified it to solidify their own power.

But to worship Jesus, the man,  is to deny the real teaching that he brought of our unity with existence.  His example must apply to us also or it is meaningless.

Religions like Buddhism and Zen teach us to identify the closest relationship we have with existence, which is our awareness.  It is not the things we observe and worship that is our direct connection with God.  But our own Being.  And how existence is aware through us.

If God’s primal essence is awareness then we must come to the realization that awareness is not created by a brain.  It existed in the universe before creation.

So where does God’s awareness reside?

One must understand the core ideas in the major religions and how it relates to the physical world.

Jesus said, “I and my Father are One”, meaning the creation and the Creator are the same thing.

Krishna said, “Atman and Brahman are One”, meaning the awareness in humans and the awareness of existence are one and the same.

Buddha said, “Awareness and space are One,” meaning the capacity expressed by awareness is the same as the capacity expressed as space.

Albert Einstein said, E=MC2,  Energy equals Mass, times the speed of light squared.

All these statements are basically saying the same thing.  They express the space, movement in space duality of existence. Matter is an extension of space, just as thoughts are an extension of awareness, like clouds being an extension of the atmosphere.

Einstein, before he died, described space as having qualities that made it appear alive, because of the realization that gravity was a quality of space itself.

Steven Hawking, in his book, “A Brief History of Time”, said that Black Holes just evaporate back into space.  There is more to space then emptiness.

The one thing that physics leaves out, but has been hinting at, is Awareness.  Einstein talks about the universe being a four dimensional fabric of space and time.  And the laws he formulates show the relativity of motion between different observers.  Yet the observer does not rate a place in the formula.

The physics community has recently come to the conclusion that the Big Bang happened, not from a dense singularity, but from the vacuum of space itself.  That is a major conceptual change that has caused no ripple in the intellectual world.  We have been confronted with the metaphysical fact that something came from nothing.

That is a confirmation of the Hindu teaching of Akasha and Prana.  Akasha being space and Prana being movement in space.  The Hindu’s teach that Akasha and Prana are different forms of the same thing.

A few years ago the physics community also came to the conclusion that it was space itself expanding and not so much the matter in it. That is a confirmation of the Hindu teaching of the Days and Nights of Brahma.  They describe the expansion and contraction of the universe as Brahma inhaling and exhaling.  An interesting similarity.  Yoga techniques harness the power of breath coupled with visualization and concentration to enhance spiritual powers.

From gravity to magnetism to the electromagnetic spectrum, space becomes matter.

In Buddhism the term Tathagata refers to the suchness of existence as expressed in both the suchness of space and the suchness of our awareness.

And Buddha described Enlightenment as the act of dropping our ego/body and merging our suchness/space with the universal suchness/space.

I say to you, that space is the physical reality of awareness and awareness is the psychological reality of space.  Space is the spiritual side of matter and the material side of spirit.  It is the midpoint between science and religion because the space/movement in space duality reflects the awareness/matter duality of existence.

The four dimensional fabric of space/time is really a seven dimensional fabric of space/time/awareness.  Four dimensions of space and time.

The fifth dimension is awareness in matter.  People, animals, the crude awareness in plants.

The sixth dimension is what Christianity calls the Communion of Saints.  That is the individual awareness of souls in the spirit world that reincarnate in and out of life.  The Saints who came before and make up a hierarchy of spiritual dimensions.

The seventh dimension is the background primal awareness of existence,  God.

When Hinduism and Buddhism says that, due to the fact that God is the essence of our own awareness, we are already Enlightened.  That is exactly the same idea as when Christianity says that because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross we are already saved from our sins.  Both are a recognition that our essence is literally God, but that the original sin or ignorance of our being rests in our ego’s idea that we are individual and separate from our fellow human beings and God.

Just as the whole history of any plant is encapsulated in it’s seed, so also the whole history of the universe is encapsulated in every atom and by extension every human spinal column.

Physics tells us that light can be viewed as either a wave or a particle.  It expresses it’s wave nature when you view it traveling through space. But does not express it’s particle nature until it falls on a material object.

So also, the wave packet nature of atoms, flying through space, does not express it’s particle nature until it falls upon the awareness of a being living in it.  It is our awareness in matter that makes the universe appear to be solid.

The whole history of the universe is encapsulated into the structure of the wave packet that is the atom flying through space.  It expresses it’s whole history from the creation of the atom all the way to the creation of the human spinal column and beyond.  We evolve through that line from it’s beginning until it’s end.

The human being did not come into existence from the evolution of apes.  Our awareness existed as a part of God before the universe was created.  We came into physical existence with the creation and evolution of the atom.  As awareness evolved out from matter it became more particularized.  It took on a personality.

All the different religions of the world point to this fact in different ways.  They show the symbiotic relationship between space/awareness and matter/thoughts.

Meditate on your own awareness and you will perceive space.

There is no contradiction between Creation and Evolution.  God creates through Evolution.

Awareness is space, Awareness/space begins to move creating matter.  Awareness evolves through the matter as a duality to observe itself.  Awareness evolves out from the matter to merge back into space.  The cycle repeats itself.

Each human is a micro-cosmic representation of the Macro-cosmic God because each individual being is a unit of infinite space/awareness expressing itself through the energy fields that bring it into existence.

Hindu mythology is a poetic understanding of the metaphysical qualities of the universe.  The understanding of the teachings of Purusha and Prakrti and the three Gunas are an understanding of the dual nature of existence.  Awareness and matter, Space and movement in space.  And the three Gunas are a reflection of the three qualities of the Atom.

Purusha is the spiritual essence of existence. Space as a reflection of the quality of God’s infinite nature, Awareness.  Prakrti is the nature of matter.

The three Gunas reflect the qualities of the atom in that Sattva or Being/goodness reflects the quality of the space expressed within the atom becoming particularized from the space without.  Rajas, or the energy principal reflects the quality of the atom’s movement through space.  The speed of it’s movement determines it’s volume.

And Tamas, or lethargy and dullness reflects the quality of the atom’s decay through time.

Kundalini Yoga through it’s description of the seven chakras, or energy centers in the human spinal column is also a description of how awareness “IS” the function and structure of the atom in it’s wave packet manifestation as it flies through space.

When Christianity says that people are born in sin what that really means is our awareness is limited and defined by our physicality.  Our pure limitless awareness has now taken upon itself a certain particular personality and it expresses itself through that personality.  When we identify our limitless awareness  with our physicality we strengthen our ego that perceives our separation from others.

The first Commandment is to Love the Lord God with all our heart, mind, and soul.  That is to realize the whole universe is one existence.  And the second Commandment is to Love our neighbors as ourselves.  To realize all of life is US.

When Buddha became Enlightened he said there was no God.  I wondered about that until I realized the Knower can never put itself into the realm of the known.  Our eyes cannot see themselves.  There is no separate personality of God for Buddha to interact with because ‘HE’ was the personality.  We are God’s personality.

And yet that is still the wrong way to understand it, because for Siddhartha to become the Buddha, he had to cease to exist, which put him into the realm of God’s Consciousness which is a nothingness, space.

Christianity says that because Jesus died on the cross our sins are already forgiven, if we believe in him.  What that really means is that if we realize what the motif means, if we realize that we have a soul that will live beyond death and merge back into the universal awareness, our punishment for sin is our comparison of our actions in life and how they are in conflict with the truth of universal awareness.  When we hurt others we show our ignorance of the universality of awareness.  Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said to “Love thy enemy as thyself.”

When we believe in Jesus, we realize that we are bigger then one life time and one person.  The forgiveness of our sins is a recognition that the materiality we surround ourselves with can never taint the pure awareness that is our essence.

That brings us to sin or evil in the material world.  If a person falls from a great height and dies, can we refer to that as evil?  Certainly anything born into a physical body will experience pain.  Buddha said life is misery. But life and attitude is not something that happens to you, it is how you react to it that defines your humanness.

When Jesus says to love our enemy as ourselves, that is not an abstract thought, but the utter truth.  The awareness that is looking out of my eyes is the same awareness that is looking out of your eyes.  There is only one awareness in existence and it is living in every separate personality.  That is the reason for the saying, “Wherever two or more of you are gathered in his name, there is Love.”

In that sense, Love is a recognition of unity.

If we can realize our true being as awareness, unlimited infinite awareness, that expresses itself through every vehicle it brings into existence, we realize the admonition from Christianity that we are already saved by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  And Buddhism’s and Hinduism’s admonition that we are already Enlightened because we realize that the material world and all it’s associations can not taint in any way the vacuum of space/Awareness.

The things we do, cannot define, what we are.  The same as, the whole history of matter, does not define or limit, what the essence of space expresses.

With that understanding also comes an understanding of Karma and our future heaven or hell in the after world.  When we are confronted with the reality of perfection that is God, we cannot but judge ourselves in the light of that perfection.  Our heaven or hell is the degree to which we have lived up to that perfection.

This interpretation of Christianity connects it with Eastern religions.

Eastern religions are not dogmatic in the sense western religions are.  Eastern religions basically agree with each other.  Where they differ is in their focus of importance.   Western religions, because they do not understand the motifs they represent, differ with each other.  They fight and kill each other over their misunderstanding.  If they understood they would see the connections and no disagreement would be necessary.

Because of what is said here,  All religions, in their dogmatic sense, have now become obsolete.  The world now has the key to understand how all religions and science fit together in perfect harmony.

The Law of Three

The Law of Three is the law which governs the direction which energy travels.

The Trinity is a basic concept common to all the religions and sciences.  It is one of the primal fundamental laws of existence.

The vacuum of space is expressed in three dimensions. Length, Width, and Depth.  Through the Big Bang at the beginning of material existence, the three dimensions of space rolled itself into the tri-unit of the atom to create the physical universe.  Looked at from the energy viewpoint it is more akin to the plucking of a guitar string.  The resulting vibration expresses it’s trinity nature.

Thus, the energy of God‘s awareness, which is the vacuum of space, i.e., “gravity” solidified itself to become physical matter, Electromagnetism.  Waves combining to create particles.

That is the answer to the question in western Philosophy of how matter and awareness can come together.  Matter is Awareness solidified.

This connection between the vacuum of space and matter, or God’s awareness, and the physical universe, is the direct reason why humanity has the ability to perceive it’s world.  As Aristotle said, “a thing can only perceive itself”. Thus humanity can perceive the universe because humanity “is” the universe.

Past                Present                 Future             Time

Length              Width                 Depth               Space

Known          Knowledge            Knower         Awareness

Son                Holy Ghost            Father

Shiva                Vishnu                Brahma

Destroyer       Preserver             Creator

Negative           Neutral              Positive

Electrons        Neutrons              Protons

Matter             Energy                    Spirit

Expression                                    Essence

Circumference                                Center



The Law of Seven

The Law of seven is the law which shows the stages of evolution from the vacuum of space, or spirit, to the densest matter.  It too has been mentioned in religions and the sciences.

The idea of creation happening in seven days, I think, could be better understood if we accepted the idea of seven stages of creation.

One hint in the Bible is the description of a vision of Jesus holding seven lightning bolts surrounded by seven stars.

The Hindu model of existence consists of seven Chakras or energy centers in the human body,  which corresponds to the seven stages of existence.

The Electromagnetic spectrum consists of seven wavelengths.

Each octave on the musical scale consists of seven notes.

There are seven layers or shells of electrons orbiting the nucleus of atoms.

The Hindu Chakras

7.Spirit = Akasha              God-Awareness-Space

Mental            6.Spiritual Mind                 Love-Eternal Consciousness         Super Ego

Body                5.Intellect                             Ego Consciousness                          Ego

………………….4.Instinctive Mind               Instincts-Abstract ideas                Id

………………….3.Prana-Vital Force             Breath

Physical         2.Astral Body                         Energy-Nerve System

Body              1.Physical Body                     Physical Senses



The following shows the connection between the Law of Three and the Law of Seven.

The Law of Three                     /                                      The Law of Seven

                                                                                Chakras or energy centers

1                            2                         3

Past                   Present              Future             Time

Length               Width               Depth              Space                 7. SPIRIT-AWARENESS

Son                  Holy Ghost         Father             Love                   6. SPIRIT-MIND              Sup-Ego

Known            Knowledge         Knower            Ego                    5. INTELLECT                     Ego

Shiva                  Vishnu             Brahma          Abstract             4. INSTINCTIVE MIND      Id

Destroyer         Preserver          Creator

Contraction                                Expansion

Exhale               Pause               Inhale Breath                              3. PRANA-VITAL FORCE

Negative          Neutral             Positive Energy                           2. ASTRAL BODY

Electrons        Neutrons           Protons                                         1. PHYSICAL BODY

Space-Awareness = Akasha

Mind and Body.   = Prana



The following definitions of the seven systems of the human body is a western counterpart to the eastern teachings of the seven Psychic Centers.

1. The reproductive system, represented by the sacral plexus of the cerebro-spinal nerve system, which controls the lower limbs and the external organs of reproduction.

2. The negative system of nutrition, represented by the prevertebral hypo gastric plexus of the sympathetic nerve-system, which controls the organs of elimination, bladder, intestines, urinary ducts, and the inner organs of reproduction.

3. The positive system of nutrition, represented by the prevertebral solar or hypo gastric plexus of the sympathetic nerve-system, which controls the stomach, intestines, gall-bladder, bladder, gall-ducts, urinary-ducts, seminal-ducts, and the gland like organs of the liver, kidneys, spleen, and intestinal glands.

4. The system of blood-circulation, represented by the heart-plexus of the sympaticus, which controls the heart and the blood-vessels.

5. The respiratory system, represented by the throat-plexus or plexus cervicus of the cerebro-spinal system, which, together with the brachial plexus, controls the upper limbs.

6. The non-volitional (sympathetic) nerve-system, which is represented within the skull by the medulla oblongata, the enlarged continuation of the spinal column, forming the basis of the brain and controlling the special sense-organs, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin.

7. The volitional nerve-system, represented by the pituitary gland, a small conical body in the depth of the great-brain tissue, whose physiological function has not yet been discovered,  Attention has to be drawn upon the close natural relationship of the pituitary gland with the optical nerves, in connection with a higher interpretation of this organ as an undeveloped base of a Consciousness of the seventh order.

Page 141.  Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism.  Lama Anagarika Govinda

Samuel Weiser  1974

The Reproductive system and the negative system of nutrition fall under the physical body.

The positive system of nutrition and the system of blood-circulation falls under the Astral body.

The respiratory system falls under Prana.

The non-volitional nerve system falls under the instinctive mind.

The Volitional nerve system falls under the Intellect and the Spirit mind.

The Soul or spirit of humans falls under Spirit/Awareness.




I have to wonder about the human race.  It’s turning into a rat race.  People so busy competing with each other, hurting each other, using each other, I have to wonder about their self confidence.

I know people are hurting.  I know people have lost their faith.  Things don’t add up sometimes and it makes people disappointed.  We all crave to be loved and understood for who we are.

We all have our own particular reason for becoming angry or sad or disappointed.  People let us down, people hurt us.

If somebody could just know and understand what we have gone through.  Maybe we could reconcile our lives with our pain.

But I have to tell you honestly, don’t give up hope.  All this has a meaning.

You might not see it now.  But it will add up in the end.

And the incredible euphoria you will feel when you realize what is really going on, will make the miserable journey all the more worth while.

The end of each life time, is like the return of the prodigal son.

We are the souls that have gone out from the source and are returning.

The angels of heaven feed off the experience of our lives.

They learn through us.  For they do not have the ability to experience something new.  And they can’t appreciate the glory of Heaven.

They are trapped in who they are, for angels are free beyond our wildest imagination.  But they do not have the ability to learn something new through the struggle and effort to survive.

That is why God placed humans above the angels.  It is our lives that change and grow.  As it is said in the Bible, “Heaven and earth shall rise up together.”

Our particular lives enhance heaven, and heaven inspires our struggles.

It is through our experience, that both heaven and earth evolve, fulfilling the process of God fluctuating between the extremes of his personality.

But the greater realization is that, it only appears to be our particular experience, because we are seeing it from our end.  While God and heaven partake of our experience without our least suspicion.

All the Angels of heaven and God himself cheer, like wild fans, at every trial and tribulation that humanity suffers through, like parents empathizing with their child’s lives.  Take heart in the fact that God and the whole universe partakes of our experiences and evolves through our pain.



I do not come here to destroy any religion.  My purpose is to prove the existence of God, show the universal truths all religions believe in and cut away the dogmatic ideas and language that keep religions separate.

I do not care one iota for furthering anyone’s belief in any religion. Even though I personally love studying religion.  What I care about is the experience of God.  Religions were created as a reaction to a person who was experiencing God.  Are you going to settle for believing that person or would you rather experience God also.

We do not worship Jesus because he believed in God.  Heck, we believe in God.  We worship Jesus because he was a living example of experiencing God, being at one with God. The same as Krishna or Buddha.

I believe that Jesus, Krishna and Buddha lived and were the reasons why three great religions started.  But I do not believe that any religion has a monopoly on explaining existence.  Because existence is not limited by any religion.

Religions are human’s feeble attempt at understanding the profound fact of life.  I believe religions are different pieces in a greater puzzle of life.  I believe humanity evolves through it’s particular religions until it comes to an understanding of how all religions fit together.

I believe our understanding goes through an evolution until we can see how all religions and science fits together in a Grand Unified Theory.

There was a time when all the religions of the world didn’t exist.  But existence was still there.  Existence is not dependent on explaining it.  And we are part of existence.

Most religions only cater to the mind and there is more to the human being then the mind.  That is why believing in God is just not good enough.  We, who are part of existence, have the ability to experience God directly.

That is why, after humanity has been around thousands of years, we still compete and fight with other humans.   I can understand fighting over natural resources, but fighting over religion.  That is just plain ignorant.


It’s actually quite tragic that most of the people in the western world think Yoga is all about positions of the body. Asanas/positions are only one small part of Hatha Yoga. The Yoga of physical well being. Hatha Yoga also encompasses diet, control of breath, sleep and exercise, understanding and controlling different bodily systems.

Raja Yoga has to do with mental proficiency. Memory, Concentration, Visualization, Meditation, Perception, Attention.

Gnani Yoga has to do with knowledge, the scientific and intellectual knowing of the universe.

Karma Yoga has to do with the actions and consequences in one’s life.

Bhakti Yoga deals with the devotional adoration of the absolute. Love.

Kundalini Yoga has to do with the Chakras or energy centers that make up the human body. Our spinal column is a representation of the evolution of the universe from the beginning of time till it’s end. The atom in it’s wave packet form is the same thing. That is how we are a micro-cosmic representation of the macro-cosmic God.

So you can see there is more to Yoga then positions.

The sages codified Hindu intellectual thought into six Darshanas.

Three sets of two. Each set is composed of a Philosophical side and a practical application side.

Nyaya and Vaisheshika, Samkhya and Yoga, Mimamsa and Vedanta. Nyaya is a school of logic and epistemology, going into a subject for proofs, intuition, inference, comparison, testimony, physics. Vaisheshika is the theory of the four kinds of valid knowledge, perception, inference, rememberance, intuitive, it teaches that nature consists of eternal atoms distinct from the soul, by knowledge of which the soul can achieve release.

Samkhya opposes matter (Prakriti) to soul (Purusha). As in Jainism the individual souls are infinite and discrete, and salvation consists in recovery of the soul’s original purity in isolation from matter. Samkhya’s doctrine of the three gunas or constituent characteristics, causing goodness (sattva), passion (rajas) and lethargy (tamas) in things and beings, is very influential in many departments of Indian thought. They also reflect qualities of the atom in that rajas reflects the atom’s movement through space, which determines it’s volume. Tamas reflects atomic decay and Sattva reflects the awareness of space being solidified into the wave packet nature of the atom flying through space. Space and movement in space.

Yoga are the practices of unifying the body and mind.

Mimamsa is a school of Vedic exegesis, a perpetuation of Brahmanical sacrificialism. it is the philosophy or knowledge part of the Vedas and is based on the Aranyakas and Upanishads.

Vedanta is the most important in that it is the central Hindu philosophical tradition to this day. It is of course the teachings of the Vedas. It’s greatest teacher was the Philosopher Shankara.

Hinduism is the most Philosophically complete religion ever created. It’s total amount of sacred literature would stagger the imagination of most westerners.

The Vedas, divided into three categories, the Samhita’s or collections of hymns and formulas, the Brahmanas or sacrificial texts, and the Aranyakas or ‘forest treatises’ which culminates in the Upanishads. The Ramayana and The Mahabarata, which includes the Bhagavad Gita, would take many years to read and understand.

Hinduism has, in my mind, answered all the important questions concerning the connection between man and God. The idea that we all evolve, through successive lifetimes, to become Enlightened like Krishna, Buddha and Jesus seems to me fair for the misery that most people experience in life. To know that somewhere down the line, everything is equal between all things that exist, is a comforting thought.


Judge Not, Lest ye be Judged.

If we are going to criticize or judge another, in that very act we hold ourselves to the same standard.  If we do not, our credibility is open to doubt.  We advertise our character by the consistency of our convictions.

For years the liberal media and politicians have been pointing a mean finger at rich people and accusing them of all our problems.  The chief problem being the politicians  can’t take enough of their money to pay for what they have promised to give other people.

So they tend to call the rich greedy and say they hate the poor.

The liberal has determined that all are equal, so all deserve equal property.  They are going to take from the rich and give to the poor to insure equality.  Sounds good on its face.

They tried it in Russia and China and it didn’t work so good.  Why?

Because liberals never admit they make mistakes.  If they did, they would learn from them and learn something about human nature.

They never ask the question, “If people are all equal, then why do we all have different levels of intelligence, ambition, luck, determination, whatever you want to look at, no two people are the same.  Maybe that is why some people have more things and some people have little.  Nothing is equal.

Unless a being is forced to become independent to fight for their survival, they would just as soon stay children and depend on their parents.  Some people substitute other people or the government for their parent.  Either way, they do not take an active participation in their own survival.

So when the liberal talks about equality and wants to give some people free stuff aren’t they really betraying the very nature of life by betraying the nature of work in the drama of the survival of the fittest.  They are taking a persons God given responsibility of their own survival away from them.

It’s not about helping people, because if they cared about that, they would do things in a way to make the person independent from them.  Their help always comes with the result of making you dependent on them.  And in that way they control you.

The Government wants people to give them more power because they claim they can make your life better.  But living off the government instead of working a job does not create any wealth in any way.  There is no profit in anything the government is doing.

They try to demonize profit as something greedy, but they don’t understand the system.  Profit is what creates wealth.  It’s money that is multiplying itself.  And creating more wealth is what pays for what the government wants to spend.

If the government becomes socialist they basically devour themselves.  They destroy the system for making wealth that they depend on.  Government employees create no wealth and are basically feeding off the profit of the business class.

When a country reaches the point where there are more people spending the profit then creating it, the system collapses.  And that is where we are today.

If we are to continue having a good standard of living, it behooves us to recognize and appreciate the system that has created the ability for people to raise their standard of living.  And also realize that government has never raised the standard of living for it’s entire society because they can only give to some by taking from others

The Indian Mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was asked by a disciple about the spiritual virtue of living in poverty.  Rajneesh answered that there was no virtue in living in poverty.  That only those who had risen above poverty had the time to think about  spiritual concerns.  Rajneesh went on to say that we should revere the business man and industrialist for the profit that creates wealth and raises the standard of living for all.

Now days the Democrats and the Obama administration point a finger at rich people and blame them for the government not having enough money to help poor people.

I say Judge Not, Lest ye be Judged.

Who says the rich person has to share what they have with the poor.  By the same standard it must be asked of the poor why they can’t take care of themselves.

The liberal has advanced the idea that the wealthy gained their wealth by an unfair advantage.  By either having it passed down to them by their parents or by stealing it from the poor.  They never go into the debate with any specific accusations but just scratch the surface enough to get people jinned up and angry.

I would rather not insult people by keeping them stupid but challenge their character by intelligent debate.

If the Liberal is going to point an accusing finger at rich people for not sharing it behooves them to point a finger at poor people and ask them why they can’t take care of themselves.  The liberal is almost psychotic with their denial that such a question is even valid.  Their pat answer is that the world is not fair.  And that somehow it is the governments responsibility to make it fair.

But the most glairing lie that the liberal posits is that the government, made up of individual people with individual agendas, has the ability to be more fair then the Capitalist system which is based solely on merit.

The liberal portrays the rich as lazy, just sitting around counting their money.  All the people I have met in my life who were rich got that way by hard work and dedication to their field.  They consistently worked more then twelve hour days.  They worked long hard days for years and years before gaining the fruits of their labor.  And then someone who never worked a hard day in their life comes along and has the gall to call them lazy and think they had a right to their hard work.

Look at it from another angle.  Every good conservationist knows it would be a disaster to artificially feed an animal population.  An environment can only sustain so many animals and if you artificially sustain a population it will grow unnaturally.  What happens when you stop the feeding?  Famine.  Because the environment can only sustain so much.  And animals don’t have the luxury of crying about fairness.

Socialism is government artificially sustaining a population.  It is a disaster waiting to happen.

My Petition of Grievances

According to the First Amendment of the Constitution citizens have the right to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

I, WS Stanley, hereby petition the government of the United States for a redress of grievances as follow.

1. I ask how the government of the United States can expect it’s citizens to be loyal to and show support for a government that no longer follows it’s own Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers specifically warned us of “Domestic Enemies of the Constitution.”

Our government was based on the idea of limited government.  Socialism is inherently illegal according to the Constitution because it is based on people living off the government.  That puts government in the position of buying votes.

When someone pointed out to Barack Obama that Reagan cut taxes and brought in more revenue.  Barack stated that it was not about revenue but about fairness.  That statement was no less a crime then someone stating their intention to rob a bank.

If our government is in the business of fairness, it no longer follows it’s own Constitution.

Anytime the President of the United States mouths the words,

”we’ll let you,” the American people should know that the government has gone to far.

2. I ask how a government can put it’s citizens in a position to not only lie, but base their lives on false propositions.

Equality is a false proposition created by Socialists to manipulate people under their religion of fairness.  But God’s creativity never repeats itself and there are no two equal people on this Earth in regards to birth or intelligence or upbringing or ambition or luck or anything.

Socialists do not believe in God so they make themselves responsible for the world.  But just as Jesus meant that governments could not legislate virtue when he said, “Judge Not, Condemn Not, Resist Not Evil.”  So also governments cannot legislate equality.

Even God will not and cannot guarantee anyone fairness in this material existence.  People, like animals must work to survive.

Ambitious people work harder and have more things and lazy people do not.  That is fair.

For a government to manipulate it’s people with the idea of entitlement and promises of free stuff is a lie.  Government does not create wealth in any way and they cannot give anything away for free unless they take it from someone else.  That process usually comes at a high cost.  It also robs people of the God given responsibility we have to participate in our own survival.  It is not the governments job to turn people into parasites.

And it is only the truly needy that deserve governments help.

3. I ask how a government can expect it’s citizens to be loyal to a government that no longer protects our sovereign rights.

The rights and protections of our Constitution belongs to no-one except the American people.  To say that it does implies that all the Laws of all the countries of the world apply to everyone.  That is simply not true.

We used to protect our rights by requiring illegal aliens adhere to a set of standards before becoming American citizens.  They had to know the English language.  They had to have a career or skill.  They had to have a sponsor in America.  They had to take a test to know our history and Laws and they had to give up allegiance to their native country and swear loyalty to our Constitution and country.

We now turn away the professionals and let in only the welfare recipients.  More votes bought at the expense of the American people.

And why, during a war on terrorism, are our borders still unsecured.

Especially since we already passed a law during the Reagan Administration to build a fence.  And we taxed people to fund it.  Yet no fence has been built.

4. The Federal governments one sole responsibility is to protect the American people during war.  One of the definitions of treason is to give aid and comfort to the enemy during a time of war.

I would like to know why we are giving aid and comfort to the enemy by extending to them the protections of our Constitutional rights.  I do not remember that ever happening in the history of our country.

If they fall under any Laws at all that would be the Geneva Conventions of War.  Under those laws these combatants would be shot on the battlefield as spies for not wearing uniforms.

5. All soldiers are expected to live the Soldiers creed.  One item is, “never leave a fallen comrade.” I would like to know why our government has said nothing regarding our soldiers captured, tortured , and murdered by the enemy.  Your silence is shameful.

And why has nothing been done to find out what happened to the last soldier captured in Iraq.

If our Constitution means anything at all, then when are we going to start prosecuting those who have ignored it at their discretion for personal gains.

And if it doesn’t mean anything, why not throw it away and change our countries name.

Because the United States of America no longer exists.

Liberal Insanity

Liberal Insanity

I never thought I would live to see the American people willingly throw away the greatest standard of living ever created by any civilization on a set of false propositions.  It’s amazing to me that we have fallen victim to a media bought and paid for by Socialists with our own money.  And a Democrat Party so incredibly traitorous to the Constitution as to make its proponents appear either as willing accomplices or complete dupes.  I can only hope the human race is suffering under the inability to perceive truth behind false words, or I would have no hope for our future.

Lets take an honest look at what the Liberal, or Progressive is peddling.

First I would have you notice that the Liberal changes words when their manipulation factor gets low.  When the word Liberal became a dirty word they changed it to Progressive to give the false impression that their ideas were new and innovative.  Since all their ideas have been tried and failed I have to come to the conclusion that Progressive refers to the way they have been destroying the Constitution.

They will tell you that they have respect for the opinions of others but if you don’t agree with their Progressive agenda they will say that it is all very intellectual and you just don’t have the ability to understand it.

They have to change history to hide the fact that wherever Progressive ideas have been tried they have failed.  That’s another cornerstone of the liberal agenda, control education and the media so as to manipulate public perception.

If Progressive ideas were good, then why lie about them?  Why try to curb free speech by implementing a “Fairness Doctrine“.  Another set of words designed to misrepresent what is going on.

Out of the hundreds of TV networks broadcasting only two give a conservative viewpoint of the world.  And out of hundreds of radio stations only two represent the conservatives.  If the liberal message is so right and honest why are the liberals beside themselves with fear at the thought that those four measly networks are giving a different viewpoint.  Why are they trying to pass a law that would end that small voice of dissent?  The lying scoundrel is always afraid of the truth.  That is one of the ways of identifying them.

Here’s another example of their craven attitude.  “The Freedom of Conscience Act”.  This one is designed to force religious hospitals to perform abortions.  They don’t want those pesky religions letting their ethics get in the way of killing their children.

Lets take a look at some of the main ideas of the Progressive movement.

They don’t believe in God.  They believe in Darwin.  As such they don’t believe in the hierarchy of humans over animals. We are equal to animals.  Strangely enough, even in this the liberal doesn’t understand the truth.  The liberal always elevates the weaker over the stronger, yet Darwin recognized natural selection.  Which forwards the idea of the stronger over the weaker.

With no God there is no judgment so all morality is relative.  So the liberal bases his morality on Progressive ideas.  Climate change and equality become the new religion.  They approach both with the same attitude they accuse religious people of having.  Blind belief to an oppressive authority.

They mock those who believe in a God, but would have us believe that they understand the planets climate and have the ability to change it.  Or that all people are equal.  So they are going to guarantee that all people are going to have the same amount of material possessions.

If all people are equal, why does the government have to do anything at all?  They take those words from the Declaration of Independence and twist their meaning into something Socialist.  They take the words of ‘all humans being created equal’ to mean that we all deserve the same amount of material possessions.  Instead of it’s intended meaning that we all have the same potential if left free to express it.

Any thinking person should stand up to the delusional idiots that try to tell them that a person who sits on their ass and does nothing is equal to someone who gets up every day and goes to work.  Irresponsible people will never be equal to responsible people.  Stupid people will never be equal to intelligent people.  Rotten people will never be equal to decent people and that’s the way it should be.

And who are the Democrats to talk about equality.  Do they treat Republicans as their equals.

They take the words of our God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to mean that it is governments responsibility to guarantee those things instead of the real meaning of government not having the authority to stand in the way of those rights.

All this is precluded on the false proposition that the Government has the ability to guarantee the greatest standard of living to the greatest amount of people.  The Socialist would have us believe that Capitalism doesn’t work because it isn’t fair.  He wants you to believe that he has the ability to determine what fairness is and that he can implement it.  I don’t believe it.

This is what I see.

Capitalism is the fairest system because it is based solely on the ability of the individual to determine their own fate.  That is why Capitalism is based on freedom.  You have the freedom to work as hard as you want either mentally or physically to create something from nothing.

Socialism is based on some Government bureaucrat deciding what you get and what you don’t get.

It has been said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Our founding fathers knew that the smallest government afforded the least possibility of corruption because there were fewer people in positions of power.  The ultimate power of the country rested with each individual.  That is why America grew to become the greatest country in the world affording the greatest standard of living to the greatest amount of people.  Why is that?

Because each individual became a producer of wealth.  Each individual was producing profit which created more wealth for the whole economy.  More profit means more wealth which means greater standard of living for everyone.

The Socialist looks at the fifteen to twenty percent of the population that is living in poverty and blames it on the system.  They never look at the individuals behavior to see if they are ambitious enough or educated enough to take care of themselves.  And they’ll never tell you that in the whole history of the world no society has been able to do better for it’s citizens then the USA.

Getting back to Darwin and the survival of the fittest.  The Socialist would have you believe that animals are pure and untainted by the evils of humans.  In that they don’t understand animals.  They want to take care of everyone, but don’t tell you that the only animals in the animal kingdom who have to rely on someone else for their survival are the babies and parasites.  There are no animals out there crying about social justice and equality.  If the Lion doesn’t get off his lazy butt and chase down the gazelle he doesn’t eat.  He can’t sit back and cry for the government to help him.

The Socialist wants more babies and parasites living off the government because it gives those government bureaucrats more power.  Socialism has never created a better standard of living because socialism doesn’t create more wealth.  It takes money from those who produce it and gives it to those who don’t.  Sooner or later you get more people taking out of the system then putting in.  Socialism ignores the mathematics and sooner or later the system collapses.

Oh, and by the way, they also have to take their cut anytime they spend any money.  Has anyone asked the question of were all the money is going in the school system.  They say that the average school collects 17 thousand dollars per student.  Lets say the Teacher makes 70 thousand a year.  That’s five students who pay for their salary.  Most classes consist of between 20 to 25 students.  That’s about 20 students or 340 thousand dollars to work with.  And that’s just one class in one school.  Were is the rest of the money going?  No one asks so why not steal.

So why has America become stupid.

We have a Democrat Party and a Liberal media who have made their money off crying the blues about the twenty percent living in poverty.  Misery makes good copy and you can’t be an altruistic savior if eighty percent of the population are doing ok.

Think about this fact.  If the Government had conditions on the money they gave out like maybe you have to work on government things like cleaning the streets or maybe getting an education.  In other words, if the money had been spent on making those people productive and independent from the government instead of making them more dependent on the government we could have gotten out of this mess years ago.  This proves that the government bureaucrats job is dependent on making more people dependent on the government.

The Socialist has a lot of gall complaining about the separation between church and state when he tries to make himself a God to all.

So the liberal doesn’t believe in God but wants you to believe that he can change the weather and create equality.  He also wants to spend your money on what he thinks you need.

And the last sign that we have become a craven society, that is on the verge of collapse is the fact that we are in a war with people who think and discuss new and better ways to kill us and end our way of life.  And we think of new ways to give them our freedoms.

They torture and murder our soldiers and we let their terrorists go and prosecute our CIA for catching them.

With that attitude, we have already ceased to exist as a viable society.  Our end is only a matter of time.

Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel ” pick up your shovel, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land”. Nearly 75 years ago, Roosevelt said, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land”. Now Obama has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels, and mortgaged the Promised Land!

Beyond the Economic and Social collapse of our country is something no one is discussing or has brought up and that is the moral and ethical collapse of our society.

For years the Socialist propaganda has been brainwashing our people with ideas of equality.  They have been using a pleasant and compassionate sounding idea to move our minds into a more socialistic way of thinking.  The implication is that if all people are equal then it is the responsibility of a compassionate government to guarantee that all people have the same amount of material possessions.

It sounds simple and fair enough, doesn’t it.

But this little idea of equality and fairness is fraught with all sorts of dangers that the Socialist doesn’t want you to know.

First and foremost is the idea that government has the ability to guarantee this kind of equality through the free market or socialist policies without destroying the economy by scaring away individual initiative or investment.  The fact is that throughout all of history whenever this kind of governmental control takes over it alienates people from being part of it.  No one wants to work harder so that someone else can get something for free.

The more pressing issue is the moral and ethical erosion of society.  It can almost be traced by the increases of government help throughout our history.

What does it do to the God given responsibility we all have to participate in our own survival when the government not only provides our necessities, but jinns us up with the idea that we are all entitled to the same amount of possessions.  The template is that rich people only become that way by stealing from others.  And government is going guarantee that we all have the same to make things fair.

This is man playing God.

But not even God is stupid enough to give lazy people free stuff.  I guess he isn’t trying to buy our vote.

Going to War with Churchill

After the terrorist attacks on 9/11 I was afraid for my country and had to be consoled by the only person I knew who would understand the times we live in.  So I bought a book on the speeches of Winston Churchill to inspire me to understand great events and how to cope with them.

I knew I would find a parallel between the dark days of the thirties when Winston was the lone voice in the wilderness warning an isolationist England that Hitler’s Germany meant them ill will. I meant to comfort myself with words of encouragement from another time so applicable to ours, and regret the fact that no Churchill exists at this time to warn us of the impending tragedy that is about to unfold.

I looked to Churchill’s speeches as an example on how to confront an enemy.  How to galvanize a population into action and give it the backbone it needs to survive.  And how to see the future clearly and prepare for it.

Knowing the history of WWII as I do I was struck at how accurate Churchill’s predictions were.

In his first speech warning of Germany’s rearmament dated 11-23-32  Churchill lays out the post WW I Germany in stark detail.

The preface to the speech says, “1932 marks the start of Churchill’s campaign to warn his fellow countrymen and the world of the dangers of allied disarmament in the face of relentless German rearmament.  The Nazi ‘Blackshirts’ and ‘Brownshirts’ were already throwing their weight around and, a bare ten weeks after this speech, Adolph Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany.”

Churchill goes on to describe, ‘these bands of sturdy Teutonic youths, marching through the streets and roads of Germany, with the light of desire in their eyes to suffer for their Fatherland, are not looking for status.  They are looking for weapons, and, when they have the weapons, believe me they will then ask for the return of lost colonies, and when that demand is made it cannot fail to shake and possibly shatter to their foundations every one of the countries I have mentioned, and some other countries I have not mentioned.”

That reminds me of the bands of Muslims, marching in protest, beating their heads until bloody, proclaiming their love of Allah and their hatred of everything western.

I was completely surprised when I found a speech that the great orator gave on June 14th 1921 on “The Culture and Glories of the Arab race.”  In the preface before the speech the Editor, Winston S. Churchill, the grandson, wrote,  “Even in these early days, Churchill sees the dangers posed by the extremism of Saudi Arabia’s Wahabi sect, which in recent decades has been responsible for the spread throughout the Muslim world of thousands of ‘madrassas’  (religious seminaries) dedicated to the propagation of extremist Muslim fundamentalism, combined with virulent hatred of western values and culture.”

In the speech he goes on to say,

“In the vast deserts of Arabia, which stretch eastward and north-eastward from the neighborhood of Mecca to the Persian gulf and to the boundaries of Mesopotamia, there dwell the peoples of Nejd, powerful nomadic tribes, at the head of whom the remarkable Bin Saud maintains himself.  This Arab chief has long been in a state of warfare, raid, and reprisal with King Hussein and with his neighbors generally.  A large number of Bin Saud’s followers belong to the Wahabi sect, a form of Mohammedanism which bears, roughly speaking, the same relation to orthodox Islam as the most militant form of Calvinism would have borne to Rome in the fiercest times of the religious wars.  The Wahabis profess a life of exceeding austerity, and what they practice themselves they rigorously enforce on others.  They hold it as an article of duty, as well as faith, to kill all who do not share their opinions and to make slaves of their wives and children. Women have been put to death in Wahabi villages for simply appearing in the streets.  It is a penal offence to wear a silk garment.  Men have been killed for smoking a cigarette, and as for the crime of alcohol, the most energetic supporter of the temperance cause in this country falls far behind them.  Austere, intolerant, well-armed, and bloodthirsty, in their own regions the Wahabis are a distinct factor which must be taken into account, and they have been, and still are very dangerous to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and to the whole institution of the pilgrimage, in which our Indian fellow-subjects are so deeply concerned.”

That is a very interesting assessment from one so astute in the affairs of peoples and nations.  What are we to make of such a warning in the light of current events. And how does the current wave of Isolationism put us in good standings.

Simply put, It doesn’t.  Isolationism didn’t work back when the oceans protecting us had to be crossed by huge Navies.  It definitely won’t work now that missiles can cross those oceans in minutes.  Or the fact that we have potentially tens of thousands of enemies already walking the streets of this country.

We also need to recognize that Isolationism does not work in this global community.  We are constantly asking why we have to be the police for the whole world.  I will answer by quoting the first paragraph in Churchill’s speech of September 6 1943.

“Twice in my lifetime the long arm of destiny has reached across the oceans and involved the entire life and manhood of the United States in a deadly struggle.  There is no use in saying ‘We don’t want it; we won’t have it; our forebears left Europe to avoid these quarrels; we have founded a new world which has no contact with the old.’  There is no use in that.  The long arm reaches out remorselessly, and everyone’s existence, environment, and outlook undergo a swift and irresistible change.  What is the explanation, Mr. President, of these strange facts, and what are the deep laws to which they respond?  I will offer you one explanation-there are others, but one will suffice.  The price of greatness is responsibility.  If the people of the United States had continued in a mediocre station, struggling with the wilderness, absorbed in their own affairs, and a factor of no consequence in the movement of the world, they might have remained forgotten and undisturbed beyond their protective oceans: but one cannot rise to be in many ways the leading community in the civilized world without being involved in its problems, without being convulsed by its agonies and inspired by its causes.”

To steal the title of Churchill’s speech of 7 February 1934, in which he urges the British government to stop disarming and build an Air Force the equal of any possible aggressor, “Wars come very suddenly”.

I must warn that we are on the verge of something quit terrible.  The Iranian government has repeatedly threatened the existence of Israel.  They are trying to make nuclear weapons and they have rockets.  Either they will succeed in their goal and bomb Israel or Israel will recognize the threat and bomb them first.  That will be the signal for a broader war the likes of which we cannot begin to conceive.  That can happen tomorrow.

We are entering a period in the history of our planet that left unchecked can have consequences that lead us into a new dark ages.  It is much more insidious then the threat we faced from Nazi Germany or Communistic Russia in that it comes on much more slowly and is therefore not noticed until too late.  A number of factors must be recognized and confronted.

First and foremost we need a population that is intelligent and concerned about the world in general.  That means we need people who read books and keep themselves informed instead of a population that sits stupidly in front of it’s television sets and are spoon fed what the media wants to tell us.

We are in a war, terrible times confront us, and what has the media chosen to keep our minds on but the death of Anna Nicole Smith.  Does anyone wonder that they are attempting to dummy us down.  What utter gall they must have to think that they are the protectors of truth.

Secondly we have a media that no longer has the ability to report facts honestly without injecting their own political agenda.  The strength of freedom and democracy rests on the publics ability to see the world clearly and honestly in order to make decisions that are good for the general population.  Without an honest media we can be manipulated easily.

We need to recognize that we have political parties that go to opposite extremes just for the sake of being different then their rivals. I also recognize that the media embellishes those extremes in differences because conflict sells.  They are the engine that drives the parties to extremes.  There are many things going on in this world that we should be able to agree on but no longer have the ability to do so just for the sake of that rivalry.

And lastly we must recognize that there are forces in this country that are bent on turning America into a socialistic society.  The strength of America lies in individual hard work not in a Government that supplies all of our needs.  I dare say that the failure of Hurricane Katrina is not in the Government that failed to take care of people, but in people who failed to take care of themselves.  Only in people who are lazy enough to sit back and wait for the government to take care of them could such a mistake be made.

The Governments job is not to guarantee the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of it’s people. It’s job is to ‘not’ stand in the way of those things.  Even God cannot guarantee happiness.  It is up to every individual to work hard to create those things for themselves.  We must be wary of any Government that claims it will do that, because any Government big enough to give the people what they want is also powerful enough to take away everything they have.

In Churchill’s speech of 4th June 1945 entitled “Back to Party Politics” he warns of the dangers of Socialism.

“My friends, I must tell you that a Socialistic policy is abhorrent to the British ideas of freedom.  Although it is now put forward in the main by people who have a good grounding in the Liberalism and Radicalism of the early part of this century, there can be no doubt that Socialism is inseparably interwoven with Totalitarianism and the abject worship of the state.  It is not alone that property, in all its forms, is struck at, but that liberty, in all its forms, is challenged by the fundamental conceptions of Socialism.”

“Look how even today they hunger for controls of every kind, as if these were delectable foods instead of wartime inflictions and monstrosities.  There is to be one state to which all are to be obedient in every act of their lives.  This state is to be the arch-employer, the arch-planner, the arch-administrator and ruler, and the arch-caucus-boss.”

“How is an ordinary citizen or subject of the King to stand up against this formidable machine, which, once in power, will prescribe for every one of them where they are to work; what they are to work at; where they may go and what they may say; what views they are to hold and within what limits they may express them; where their wives are to go to queue up for state rations; and what education their children are to receive to mold their views of human liberty and conduct in the future?”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it.

Under the guise of Political correctness or sensitivity we can no longer say certain words or express certain views, as if people don’t have the right to ignore idiots.

The global warming crowd has decided that they are right regardless of any proof and treat others with the worst kind of oppression.

I’ve lived in Minnesota most of my life and I agree that the winters are not as cold as they used to be.  But I also recognize that the summers are not as hot as they used to be.  I brief article in National Geographic questioned whether the orbit around the sun was changing from an elliptical one to a more circular orbit.  That would explain the calming down of extremes.  It just doesn’t fall into the Liberals need to force their will on others.  So maybe that recognition isn’t politically correct.

Property taxes keep going up regardless of whether ones wages can cope with the increase or not.  The anti-smoking crowd has forced businesses to adopt rules that have closed more than a hundred bars in the Twin Cities alone is if people don’t have the choice to go where they want.

Churchill goes on.

“A Socialist state once thoroughly completed in all its details and its aspects – and that is what I am speaking of – could not afford to suffer opposition.  Socialism is, in its essence, an attack not only upon British enterprise, but upon the right of the ordinary man or woman to breathe freely without having a harsh, clumsy, tyrannical hand clapped across their mouths and nostrils.”

Has anyone noticed that the Democrats passed a law forbidding the Republicans from the right to amend and debate bills.

Have we forgotten that Hitler came to total power by passing just a few laws and combining the offices of President and Chancellor.  And once he was in no-one could get him out.

Churchill continues.

“I declare to you, from the bottom of my heart, that no Socialist system can be established without a political police.  Many of those who are advocating Socialism or voting Socialist today will be horrified at this idea.  That is because they are short-sighted, that is because they do not see where their theories are leading them.”

“No Socialist Government conducting the entire life and industry of the country could afford to allow free, sharp, or violently-worded expressions of public discontent.  They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo, no doubt very humanly directed in the first instance.  And this would nip opinion in the bud; it would stop criticism as it reared its head, and it would gather all the power to the supreme party and the party leaders, rising like stately pinnacles above their vast bureaucracies of Civil servants, no longer civil.  And where would the ordinary simple folk be, once this mighty organism had got them in its grip?”

The slow chipping away of our institutions and culture to the point of having no solid foundation is what drove the Roman Empire to ruin.

The Democrat party has embarked on a path of Socialism and is trying to subvert our Government.  One of the foundations of our system is the separation between the Executive, The Legislative, and the Judicial branches of our government.  The Democrats have blatantly tried to erode that separation by appointing Judges who are liberally biased and who instead of enforcing laws already made are creating laws from the bench.

They must have a lot of gall crying about the separation between Church and State while they are trying to destroy the separation between the three branches of the Government.

Once we begin to subvert the structure of our system where will it end.  And when it reaches it’s end will it be recognized as something American.  The founding fathers in their infinite wisdom realized that we needed an unbiased Judicial branch to keep the laws of this country from being politicized.  The Liberals need to subvert that separation shows their utter lack of respect for that institution.  And it also shows their need to get something across that the majority of American people do not want.

They are also attempting to control the media so as to blind the American public to the truths that are happening.  The majority of the printed media and television media is blatantly liberal.  Only on talk radio is the conservative point of view freely expressed.  Now the Democrat party, in all it’s fear of the truth, is trying to get a law passed that would force conservative talk radio to report the opposite liberal views on any subject expressed.  What a travesty of truth, as if there is not enough outlets for their opinions.

If they succeed in their efforts the American public will be left with only their voice.  What the Democrats fail to recognize, or are hoping that we fail to recognize, is that such a law would be unconstitutional unless applied to all forms of media.  And a conservative judicial would have to force all the liberal media outlets to give the opposite conservative point of view.  Their efforts would backfire on them.  That is why they want this law to only apply to talk radio.  I’m surprised that the American public fails to recognize their utter fear of the truth.  And to question why that fear exists.

The Democrats are also trying to change their name from the Democrat party to the Democratic party in order to try and fool the American people into believing they are the only representatives of democracy.  What they have become would more appropriately be termed the ‘Liberal Socialist party‘.  And I propose we begin calling them that out of respect for the truth.

We in America have fallen victim to the most insidious form of oppression, which goes under the name of political correctness.  We have taken the idea of majority rule and turned it on it’s head.  Now, one person can call a Lawyer and force their will on the majority.  That is wrong.  The strength of America is in majority rule and I suggest we uphold that in the face of such subversion.

Recently a student at William and Mary college was surprised to find a cross in the Chapel and demanded it’s removal on the grounds that he was offended by it. Their offence is a statement about their personality but they use the idea of the separation between church and state as a reason to force their personal preference on everyone else.  The separation between church and state is not an excuse for religious repression but a statement of religious freedom for all creeds.  And you cannot express the freedom for any religion by repressing any other religion.

Besides, can a person be that stupid to be surprised to find a cross in a chapel.  And were does it say in the Constitution that anybody has the right to be offended.  I am offended by their being offended.  Who’s right to be offended is more justified.

Mature people will ignore what offends them because they understand the freedom to do so.  And they also understand that to do differently is an attack on freedom itself.

The Democratic leadership recently had a meeting were they had a Muslim cleric give the opening prayer.  This man ended his prayer by slamming America as oppressors and occupiers.  The Democratic leadership applauded him after the prayer and sent a clear message to our enemies that yes, we are afraid of you, we can be bullied, we can be pushed around and we can be coerced into accepting Islam.  If that is not giving aid and comfort to the enemy, I don’t know what is.

Of course, they were only thinking of their hatred of George Bush which is blinding them to the real threat this country faces.

The recent vote of no confidence in the war is really a statement that the American people can have no confidence in the Democratic Leadership or the liberal media in it’s ability to protect America or even it’s ability to recognize a threat.

I wonder how the American public can have an informed opinion on the war when the media does not tell them the truth about what is happening.  Has anyone noticed that practically all the soldiers returning from the war have a different story to tell from the one told in the press.

All we hear about are American deaths.  We never hear about how many deaths the enemy has sustained in each battle.  I recently heard from the Captain of a rifle Company that his soldiers look forward to going out on patrol every day because when the enemy attacks them, they wipe them out.  We are winning every battle we are in.

We have lost more than three thousand soldiers.  The enemy has lost more than thirty to forty thousand if not more.  That is a ratio of more than ten to one.  By any measure of what war is, which realistically is attrition, that is a huge success.

Peace loving pacifists cannot wrap their minds around such a concept.  Maybe they should read history and wrap their small minds around what happens to a country when it shrinks from war.

Read about the Phony War in the winter of 1939 to 1940 when the German army was busy taking over Poland and the Isolationist led British and French armies sat on the border waiting for Germany to end their task in the east, gather their forces in the spring, and then take over France in six weeks.

If they had attacked Germany, while the German army was busy in Poland, they could have driven all the way to Berlin almost unopposed and ended the war, instead of suffering four years of occupation and millions of deaths.

As far as the war is concerned, the Democrat Leadership is continuously telling us that we cannot win this war.  What a crock of shit.

We are the greatest country in the world.  We have the most powerful military that has even existed on this planet and we can do whatever we like.  We only need the willpower to do so.  The Democrat Leadership and the Liberal media either lacks that willpower or has a different agenda for this country and defeat is part of that agenda.

The American people must be made to realize that if we are to win this war and survive as a civilization we must recognize that we have three threats to face.  Radical Fundamentalist Islam,  The Democratic party and the liberal media.  It is the combination of these three forces that is going to destroy us.

I personally think that the Democrat only sees their hatred for Republicans, because of their greed for power, and will disagree with anything they do, and they cannot see the effect it will have on the country as a whole.

They say we cannot get ourselves into the middle of a civil war.  Why not, we have done it before with amazing success.  We beat down Japan and Germany during WWII and afterwards scattered the forces that oppressed those countries.

We forget that it was a civil war between the junior officers in the military and the civilian Government that propelled the Japanese into the war.  And it was also a civil war between the Nazi’s and their people.  Only these civil wars were not obvious because those powers successfully oppressed their people.

Germany and Japan are now both thriving Democracies that compete with us economically.  We made them that way, and no doubt, if the Democrat of today existed back then, they would have said that our efforts would not work, or that we were out to enslave them, or take something away from them.

The Democrats opinion on this war is predicated on the idea that we can say olly olly oxen free and just call the game over.  They are living in the past when we left Vietnam and all was over for us, even when it was not over for the millions brutally killed in the aftermath of our withdrawal.

They fail to recognize that this war is not about the unification of a country but about the Radical Fundamentalist Muslims need to force their will on the non-Muslim population of the world.  Is that not clear when Muslims have infiltrated most the countries of Europe and are now clamoring for Sharia law to be implemented in Christian countries.

Have we not spent hundreds of years building up our laws to reflect the freedom of humanity to just turn over our society to a rule of law based on the repression of the human spirit.

Hasn’t the lessons of history taught us that it is better to recognize a threat and confront it than wait for the enemy to become stronger and confront us.  Should we put off this war until the Muslim has nuclear weapons and is prepared to attack us with even greater strength.  I suggest not.

If we hadn’t been attacked on December 7th, can we imagine a world ruled by a German Europe.  That is exactly what would have happened because most Americans sat back and watched what Hitler was doing and didn’t care.  The Isolationists had their phrase, They said “lets not get pulled into a European war”.  They were content to hide behind the oceans and supposed they could hide forever.  The same mentality exists today.  Have we forgotten that we cannot hide from evil?    Have we become so peace loving and complacent that we have already sold out our security?

Let us recognize the type of people we are and the type of people they are.

To quote the speech Churchill gave on December 26th 1941 to Congress after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the declarations of war by Germany and Italy against America, Churchill said, “For the best part of twenty years the youth of Britain and America have been taught that war is evil, which is true, and that it would never come again, which has been proven false.  For the best part of twenty years the youth of Germany, Japan and Italy have been taught that aggressive war is the noblest duty of the citizen, and that it should be begun as soon as the necessary weapons and organization had been made.  We have performed the duties and tasks of peace.  They have plotted and planned for war. “

This sounds very familiar.

Wahabi schools have been preaching hate for over eighty years.  Islamic Terrorism has been killing Americans for over thirty years.  While we have gone to war to save Muslim lives in Bosnia, they kidnap people and video tape their execution to terrorize us across the internet.  And they are told that if they die for Allah they will get 72 virgins on arrival to heaven.  How can we ignore such evil?

Americans, Please remember your heritage.  Remember who we are.

We owe our lives to Western Civilization and it is our responsibility to uphold it.  Our Laws and customs have been handed down from Greece through Rome to England and then America.

Our Founding Fathers received the grace from God to leave us a system of freedom that encouraged and rewarded responsible, hard working, individuals who could better their lives without government intervention.

Within two hundred years we invented electricity and showed the world how to mass produce.  We are the people who have created the modern world.  And we pulled up the rest of the world behind us.

We are the people who have walked on the moon and see to the edges of the known universe.  Have we become so weak and spineless that we are going to turn over all that we have worked for, these thousands of years, to a band of religious zealot nomads who have just recently risen from their desert wastelands to become drunk with the power of modern times.

They are not worthy, they have not contributed enough to the human race to force anyone to believe their religion.

If we back down from people who use violence to scare other people into submission then we are not worthy of our cultural heritage and doom will be upon our heads.

We better wake up before it’s too late.

The Gist

The gist of our problem and the obvious solution.

Today as a nation, we stand at the crossroads of a monumental decision.  We must decide whether to disregard the Constitution and make government responsible for people’s lives thereby becoming a Socialist society, or do we uphold the Constitution by holding government to a minimum and making people responsible for their lives.

For those who would argue that the role of government is to help those in need I would agree.  But we cannot help those who truly need help if we spread ourselves to thin by promising to help everyone with everything.

We are now faced with a situation where we are becoming broke because  politicians have learned to buy votes by giving people free stuff.  That, in any way, shape, or form was never supposed to happen under our Constitution.

It will be easy to stop helping business.  The business world helps itself in that a market does not go away and any business that collapses  will be taken up by another and the market goes on.

The real question is government entitlements.

For quite a number of years we have heard the refrain from the liberal left that we have to raise taxes on the wealthy.  And they use words like fairness and sharing to justify their theft.  Even though the rich already give a greater percentage of their money to their irresponsible spending.  Thus forcing the rich to be unwilling accomplices in their corruption.

And what is their excuse for stealing this money.  They say they are taking care of people who need help.   I say “Bullshit”.  When you look at the system they have created you see a system based more on keeping the money flowing through their hands then on actually helping those who need it.

They keep the money in their hands by employing more government agencies who then vote for their jobs.  Unions who give their outrageous union dues back to the Party.  And the common people who they have encouraged to become dependent on the government.  Thus buying their vote.  All illegal under the Constitution.

The one question that has never been brought up in all this, is that, if we don’t want to bankrupt ourselves with all these commitments, why don’t we make government help based on the idea of making people independent from government,  thus turning them into productive contributors, instead of keeping them dependent on the government and a drain on the economy?

There used to be a saying when I was a kid, beggars can’t be choosy”.

The liberals point an accusing finger at conservatives and blame them for the problems of the poor, for not giving more.  As if they are responsible for other people’s lives.

Liberalism shows it’s bankrupt nature, thus destroying any credibility it might think it has, when it fails to make the poor person responsible for their own lives.  Liberals never ask why the poor person chose not to get an education, or get a skill, or just a simple job.

These are all decisions the poor person decided to make.  They decided to make their lives a burden on others.  So before anyone has the gall to look at a person who does not make themselves a burden on others, they should at least make everyone responsible for their own lives.

It’s funny that all these accusations of responsibility come from liberals who think they believe in Darwin.  But Darwin believed in Natural Selection through survival of the fittest while liberals always try to elevate the weaker over the stronger.  They would have us believe that we can turn the responsibility of our survival over to a government.

We should remember that the only animals in the animal kingdom who do not take an active role in their own survival are the babies and parasites.   Socialism is when the parasite thinks it’s the host.  It then elevates itself to virus status which kills the host.

When I hear Barack Obama demonize profit it sounds like the flea complaining that the dog eats too much.

There is only one way to stop the culture of corruption in Washington and that is to make all government help contingent on making the recipient independent from government.      That’s the first thing.

The next is to attack the perpetual lie that we need to raise taxes to increase revenue.  Reagan proved that if government were business friendly and lowered taxes the economy would grow and the government would bring in more revenue.  And more people would have a job so they wouldn’t need government help.

Obama admitted as much when someone pointed out to him that fact and he said it was more about fairness, thus proving the Democrats are more concerned with their power then with helping people.

I have an observation.

The Liberals call their idea of big government progressive and would have us think it is something new. Do the examples of the Soviet Union and China elude them?  The only progressive idea in our history is Capitalism through a free market economy.   Lets look at this with honesty.

In the whole history of our planet, it has always been, that the monarchy or ruler of a nation controlled the economy of that nation.  They stifled the economy by their control because nothing happened outside the sphere of their perception.

America through capitalism and a free market economy has been the only progressive idea to come along because it was the first time that an economy became separate from the government.  People became free to create and live a better life.  No government stood in their way to stifle their ambition.  That model created the greatest standard of living this planet has known and we pulled the rest of the world up with us.

Now these Liberal Socialists would have us believe that their ideas of big government are ‘progressive’.   The results so far speak for themselves.

These liberals have to learn how to help people without hurting someone else.  At every opportunity we have to stress the fact that being business friendly builds the economy thus creating more revenue to help those truly in need.

In the end, it is the responsibility of every citizen to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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